Monday, 30 January 2012

Dark Elf - Cloak

15 days since last update..... not good............. "pish" in fact.

I like painting red, so I made it red! Kind of thought purple might be slightly better but I've painted a purple cloak before...

Not quite as RED as it looks in the pictures when seen in person. (looking at first pic here) Result first, stages below.

Hope this gives a good idea of the stage by stage buildup, see earlier posts for the basecoat colour.

Key is really thing paints and more paint on the brush (makes me want to buy some kolinsky sables to save re-dipping every square mm, or maybe i just need a bigger brush), the lighter the colour gets the thinner I like to make the paint as more of the previous layers show through, hence it gives you margin for error and a better looking finish.

It aint perfect but it does me. (scab red+ black, then scab red + red gore, then red gore + blood red for anyone interested :) )

Quite unforgiving flow on the cloak compared to a lot of other miniatures, still it cuts nicely across the drab cold one flesh.

Also loving my tidy skin basecoat work here!

also that HD price has gone from 60 ish quid to 109 quid on amazon, damn supply probs!!

end result







Sunday, 15 January 2012

Leather, skin, belly, hair, hide

About 90 minutes or so this time around. Didn;t want to do any thing else as I'm starving and need to put dinner on!

also I have a sore knee and sore ankle, I blacked out while doing a pee on Saturday morning, third time thats happened! I went sideways this time tho not straight into the bog lol.!

Stuff done today:
  • skin - basecoat, dwarf skin and two washes.
  • leather straps, basecoat + wash
  • hide - black wash, dhened highlight.
  • belly - devlan wash - highlight with dheneb added to the green colour, then pure dheneb. then a wash (looks alright!)
  • black wash in the eye sockets of the mount.
Basically I am still beating around the bush, next thing for sure is all the cloth on the model and probably finish the Elf skin.

Just explaining things to a certain someone because I forgot to show my stuff when they were round last. Oh well i'll bore that person on Tuesday if I'm allowed!!!

Oh here is a picture of my bedroom, this, as they say, is where the magic happens! I also paint there sometimes.... Kidding of course, unfortunately its only painting and sleeping that goes in in here.

These are the brushes I''ve been using. Fat one on the right is the wash brush, has a big "belly" to carry a lot of ink wash. left of that is my scruffy one used for moving paint from pot to palette and mixing. left again that is the drybrush, used for drybrushing. then there are the fine detail, standard and detail brushes :)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dark Elf Lord - Cold One - Continued

An hour or so's work tonight.

I fixed the mistake with the brown, and washed it, still got to highlight that up and complete.

The hide has had a few stages of highlighting done, using dheneb stone to lighten the shade. Then washed with green/brown to remove the chalky look and blend the colours.

Also put up a picture of my colour palette over the last few sessions! :)

Pics heavy!