Monday, 23 June 2014

Ansgar the Staller - The Face

Pretty happy with my first attempt at this scale. I feel it still needs some tinkering done but overall pretty good!

My first use of Vallejo paints as well. Love those dropper bottles!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ansgar the Staller - The eyes

After doing a bit of research and watching/reading some tutorials on the web I had a bash at painting his eyes.

I am extremely happy with my first attempt at eyes on this scale. My first attempt at doing decent eyes on any scale really.

Some things I noted:

  • Don't use white as the base coat, a bone colour or similar is best.
  • Do wash that colour with a 10:1 ish crimson. Concentrate on the corners of the eyes.
  • Do use black for the whole pupil.
  • Paint over this with e.g. black or blue, then paint back in a pupil, I'm assuming darker colours of eyes are easier.
  • A little touch of pure white as a reflection works as well.
  • Do paint in the parts where the eyelid meets the eye. Brown for the bottom eyelid and black for the top.
All I really need to do now is put some gloss varnish on the eyes.

Some pictures (base and wash):

Some more almost finished article:

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Saxon Standard bearer 1:10 bust "Ansgar the Staller" Notes

Project name: Ansgar the Staller.

"...the case of Ansgar the Staller, who was one of the richest men in England below the rank of Earl. Ansgar seem to have fought at Hastings (he may, indeed, have been Harold's standard-bearer)..." p278 Marc Morris: The Norman Conquest.*

*sources: Waltham Chronicle, ed. Watkins and Chibnall, 15, 35; Carmen, 40-3; Clarke, English Nobility, 154; Fleming, Kings and Lords, 171.


I think it's only fitting that he is quite portly considering he position in society at the time.

painting a bust 1:10 scale:

cool tutorial: second link covers eyes....

MJ Miniatures Saxon Standard Bearer 1066 10:1 Bust


My next project is going to be a big step, a 10:1 bust... I have been meaning to get in to these for a very long time as it allows me to do what I do best (take ages over one miniature) but the return in the time investment should be a lot more obvious on a big miniature like this.

The model itself is from a Korean sculptor called Man-Jin Kim, A good supplier is SK Miniatures: is the description page for MJ Miniatures and the main page is this website has a huge range of awesome busts for sale.

His ebay store appears to be (this is where I bought my bust)

Anyway to the item in hand, it is a lot bigger than I expected even though I read the size many times...Nice creamy white resin and is very sharp with almost zero mould lines. There are some but these are mostly covered by the shield and can obviously be sanded down.

There are tabs from the resin injection but are all in sensible places, I won't lie there is some construction and tidying to be done but it's only what you would expect from a lump of resin this size.

You also need to drill a hole though his hand in order to slide the standard pole in to it, which is slightly scary but I am sure I will manage :)

Some close up shots are required as the web does't seem to have any! I hope this blog finds its way to someone looking to purchase this bust.

To the pics....

 everything you get in the box
 draco standard

 crips detail in the helmet

 The shield is really big, and crisp!
 trailing banner, so nice, pictures don't do it justice

 Excellent detail on the face, it has been criticised on the net because a lot of it is covered up with cheek/nosepiece on the helmet.
 He is a bit chubby which is what attracted me to this bust, not the usual musclebound mini.

 Injection points there.
 Back, handy line to insert shield.

various bits and bobs for the helmet etc...

Nurgle Lord finished

Managed to get this guy finished recently. Not quite how I imagined him to look like when I started but still happy with it.

Check out how it should actually be painted here:

or buy it from

Pretty happy with the metal which is a mix of rust and verdigris, the skin tone ended up being darker than I wanted...

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nurgle lord - More base coating

Hi there,

Did a bit more base coat work.  Mixed some green into the tin bitz base.  Probably not enough green but it's cool.  All good.

Another layer on the skin as well.  Happy so far :)


Monday, 1 July 2013

Nurgle Lord - basecoat


work has finally started on my next model.

The Nurgle Lord... extremely popular model this - everyone seems to be painting it.

I have started with a basecoat of Gretchin green. 1:1 with water and doing a couple of layers. I am attempting to not make his skin green... Seems strange when my basecoat is green.

I do have a plan of sorts though.  As you see him below, the darkest areas are about as "greeny-dark" as he is going to get. I plan to highlight up through rotting flesh and bleached bone then use some red/purple/pink washes - just really thin ones - to pick things out.

I think this will be a trial and error job though and determined I am not going to allow it to turn into a time sink with millions of layers of colour.

He should end up being a very pallid rotting flesh colour with bruising around the skin and gory red details.

Probably going to go a more metallic - verdigris design rather than straight up green which some people do.  Like a scabby power armour.  I've always liked metallic paints.

A couple of pictures below. One of the basecoat in progress and the other is of my notes and colour choice.

I nearly went down the route of doing a much more human looking flesh but couldn't bring myself to do it.